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April 2020 Update for PPCF Current Educational Opportunities for April and May


     I hope that this message finds everyone well and healthy as you read this.  It is important that we all make wise choices in the days ahead.  I am a bit late in getting back to you, but with the fluid nature of the news and life today, I thought it best to wait and see how things would proceed with the current health situation before getting back with additional thoughts about our ministry.


     Firstly, I wanted to provide an update on our meeting plans for the next several weeks.  The other three Creation groups in the front range (RMCF, NCCG & Denver Society) have already cancelled their April meetings.  We have decided to do the same for April and cancel our meeting.  For the present we will plan to have our May meeting as previously noted (tentative date is Saturday, May 9).  More details will follow in April.


     Secondly, as we all have more stay-at-home time over these next several weeks, let each of us choose to take advantage of knowing and learning more about the things of God and what God would desire for each of us.  We should all spend added time in prayer and studying His Word, while also staying current in increasing our knowledge of Biblical Creation.  We each need to pray daily for our world, our nation and our state as this virus will likely affect many people during these coming weeks.  We need to pray for our leaders, our medical personnel, our first responders and support them in their efforts, which they are making on our behalf (Romans 13).


     Thirdly, I would suggest selecting a book of the Bible to study.  Choose a book you have wanted to spend time in and truly engage with God, the Holy Spirit, in seeking to understand what He desires to say to you at this time.  It is so easy to focus on the current news of the day, but we need to continue to seek out the Good News, which God has provided to us and for us to in turn share with others.  A good resource available on-line to prepare for this is a video message from John MacArthur titled, The Gospel, The Church, and The Present Crisis.  The direct link to this video is here.


     Finally, after we focus on the Word first, we can then add to this some time spent on the subject of Biblical Creation.  We have the opportunity to fill this time at home while increasing our personal knowledge in this area as we prepare to be used by God.  I would like to make you aware of an important on-line resource to check out.


     There is a recent article about the coronavirus from a Biblical perspective on the AIG website.  It is authored by Dr. Joe Francis of the Masters’ College.  This article provides both a basic understanding of this virus plus outlines a further understanding about the nature of viruses.  It is always important to know the true facts of an issue and to hear these from someone with both an educational background in the subject and from one who is a Biblical Creationist.  This article provides a whole new understanding of the role of viruses in God’s creation.  The link to this article is here.


Currently for April 2020


     All front range activities are cancelled.


Currently for May 2020


     The PPCF monthly meeting for May is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 9th at 1 PM.  This meeting is at our Mesa Hills Bible Church location.  Ms. Judy Finnessy will be speaking on the subject of “The Cost of Denying Creation”.  Details of this talk can be found here.


     The Denver Society of Creation meeting for May is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 7th, location TBD.  Speaker is Mr. Brian Young.  Details will be posted on their website when they become available.


     There is currently no information available for the May meeting for RMCF or NCCG.  Check the RMCF website or contact NCCG for updates.


     There are no seminars or presentations currently planned for the Front Range by any major outside regional or national Creation group during May 2020.


Churches & Local Groups Teaching Biblical Creation


     A local discussion group in Biblical Creation is forming in Woodland Park. This group is being headed by Rich Cloud, chairman of the PPCF leadership team.  They plan to meet monthly with the first meeting planned for Thursday, May 14th, 6:30-8:00 PM.  To learn more about this specific group, contact Rich at his ministry email “creationsage@gmail.com”.  If you would like to consider hosting a similar group in your area of the Pikes Peak region, contact Rich about this also.


     If you know of a church that may be offering Biblical Creation teaching, please forward this information to the contact link below.  Please provide the presenter’s name, church & address, date(s), meeting time and some details as to what will be discussed.  Please note that we will only provide information in this update on those educational opportunities that hold to a “young-earth, Biblical Creation” perspective.


     I want to end this message by saying thank you for all those who supported the March meeting at Mesa Hills.  We had such a great turn out (43) for this meeting.  We will miss everyone in April.  But do not lose heart.  We serve The Great God, The Creator of all.  Let us look to Him for His promises and the Hope He provided.


     Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman

     Psalm 138:2


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