Meeting Schedule

PPCF meets the second Saturday of every month at:

Mesa Hills Bible Church
615 W. Uintah Street
Colorado Springs, CO  80905


Faith Evangelical Free Church
6065 Oakwood Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80923



Meeting Date Time Speaker Topic Additional Information Meeting Location
12 September 2020 1 PM - 2:45 PM Ms. Judy Finnessy The Cost of Denying Creation The importance of providing Biblical Creation teaching in the local Church. MHBC
10 October 2020 1 PM - 2:45 PM Pastor Gordon Wood

Mr. Don Hartlaub


Some Arguments NOT to Use in Support of the YEC Model


A discussion of several arguments that people use in support of the YEC model that are either false, not sufficiently documented, or based on old or outdated information.

14 November 2020 1 PM - 2:45 PM TBD TBD   MHBC
12 December 2020 1 PM - 2:45 PM TBD TBD   FEFC
9 January 2021 1 PM - 2:45 PM TBD TBD   MHBC
13 February 2021 1 PM - 2:45 PM TBD TBD   FEFC


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