Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship
Meeting Schedule

PPCF normally meets the second Saturday of every month at:

Mesa Hills Bible Church
615 W. Uintah Street
Colorado Springs, CO  80905


Faith Evangelical Free Church
6065 Oakwood Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80923



Meeting Date Time Speaker Topic Additional Information Meeting Location
10 December 2022 1 PM - 2:45 PM Dr. Rob Brown Evidence in our Solar System that supports the Hydroplate Theory Rob will examine key evidence and properties of comets, trans-Neptunian objects and our moon and how this is consistent with a young earth and global flood perspective. FEFC
14 January 2023 1 PM - 2:45 PM Mr. Richard Stepanek The Origin of Life and the Glory of God   MHBC
11 February 2023 1 PM - 2:45 PM Ms. Kate Warren TBD   FEFC
11 March 2023 1 PM - 2:45 PM (Various - TBD) TBD   MHBC
15 April 2023
(Date changed due to Easter)
1 PM - 2:45 PM Mr. Dennis Musick Assumptions of Science Knowing the assumptions that are embedded into the age of earth theories may help in understanding the bias of old earth/evolutionary claims. FEFC
13 May 2023 1 PM - 2:45 PM TBD TBD   MHBC


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