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February 2020 Update for PPCF Current Educational Opportunities for February and March


     This update provides Biblical Creation meeting information happening in the Front Range of Colorado.


Currently for February 2020


     Denver Society of Creation is hosting Dr. Jack Hebert from ICR at their monthly meeting.  This is scheduled for Thursday, February 6th at 7 PM.  The location is Ascension Lutheran Church, 1701 W. Caley Ave., Littleton, CO.  The title of his presentation is The Mystery of the Ice Age.


     Dr. Robert Carter of Creation Ministries International (CMI) will be speaking at two locations in the Denver area.

     On February 8th, Saturday night, 7 PM, Rob will be at Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 17700 E. Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO  80013.  His topic will be “The Alternative:  Creation’s Competitive Edge.”


     On February 9th, Sunday morning, 9:15 AM and 10:30 AM, Rob will be at Lakewood Church of the Nazarene.  These presentations include a discussion on dinosaurs and fossils as well as a second presentation of “The Alternative.”

     Judy Finnessy, president of the Denver Society of Creation, will be hosted by PPCF at our Faith EFC location on February 8th, Saturday afternoon, at 1 PM.  Judy's topic is The Cost of Denying Creation.  Many surveys have shown the detrimental impact that the teaching of false science has had on the children and youth who attend our churches.  This presentation will highlight many of the factors involved and is a call to our churches to become more active in sharing the historical truth of Genesis 1-11.  A poster of this talk is currently available here.


     Jason Lisle will be speaking at NCCG (Ft. Morgan) on February 13th, Thursday night, 7 PM, Bruce will be at NCCG (Ft. Morgan).  The title for this talk is His Star and Light Years of Distance.  Please contact Paul Feltz, who leads that group, for more details.


     Jason Lisle will also be speaking at RMCF on February 14th, Friday evening, at 7 PM at the Littleton Baptist Church, 1400 W. Caley Ave, Littleton, CO.  The title for Jason's talk is The Ultimate Truth for Creation.  Additional information can be found on the RMCF website.


Currently for March 2020


     Dr. James Kraft, former President of the Creation Foundation located in Green Bay, WI, will be speaking at RMCF (March 12), NCCG (March 13) and PPCF (March 14).  Details for his presentations will be forthcoming from each organization in the near future.


     There are no seminars or presentations currently planned for the Front Range by any outside regional or national Creation group during the month of March 2020.

Churches teaching Biblical Creation

     If you know of a church that may be offering Biblical Creation teaching, please forward this information to the contact link below.  Please provide the presenter’s name, church & address, date(s), meeting time and some details as to what will be discussed.  Please note that we will only provide information in this update on those educational opportunities that hold to a “young-earth, Biblical Creation” perspective.


     Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman


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