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November 2019 Update for PPCF


This website "update" is the first of what will be a regular, monthly update for our readership on the PPCF website.  The intent for these monthly updates is to provide an ongoing means to convey current details about what is happening within our fellowship.  I plan to communicate key items of interest about our monthly meeting plans plus news of other creation happenings in the Pikes Peak region as they occur.  If you are aware of Biblical Creation events taking place near us, please send a reply to the link, which is provided at the end of this update, so I can include this information in a future update.


Much of this included content will also be available to our fellowship group via our monthly email updates to them (via [email protected]).  Thus, one intent here is to provide similar information to everyone who visits the website and then spends the time to read the subject matter on it.  I hope you will find this content beneficial.


Preparing to attend our educational meetings


A primary focus of our PPCF group has been and will continue to be directed towards our educational calling in providing monthly Biblical Creation teaching.  From this, our key role at PPCF is for this teaching to be instructive and educational on each topic of Biblical Creation which is presented at our meetings.


By providing this regular update, we want to encourage everyone to consider investing some time in preparing for each upcoming meeting.  This could be done either by reading key articles on the topic beforehand (homework) or you choosing to do this as a follow-up to the meeting.


To encourage this, I will be suggesting selected articles to read (links to), a video clip to view (link to) or even book titles to add to your library (sources for purchase).  While these suggestions are not intended to be a complete survey of the subject, the hope is to encourage you to become better informed of the subject matter in order to best optimize your educational experience.


November 9th Meeting


Our speaker for November will be Fred Williams, who is a board member for Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship and co-host of Real Science Radio on AM 670 (https://kgov.com/real-science-radio) in Denver.  More details about Fred can be found by clicking on Meeting Schedule and then reviewing the information on his upcoming presentation or selecting and viewing the flyer information describing his background.


To prepare for Fredís presentation, I would suggest reviewing related articles on the general topic of "Information Theory" as it relates to the design and function within biological life.  The following three links from the ICR website highlight key aspects of design and information within the creation of life from the included additional links to related articles:  DNA https://www.icr.org/creation-dna/, cells  https://www.icr.org/creation-cell/ and enzymes https://www.icr.org/creation-enzyme/.  Robert Carter of CMI provides a discussion on the nature of mutations (the naturalistís false answer on the means of information development):  https://creation.com/mutations-new-information.


Follow-up from Previous Presentations


To catch-up from previous monthly presentations, I wanted to include some suggested background information on the prior two presentations given in September and October.


In October, Rich Cloud gave the 2nd of 3 presentations on fossils.  This presentation was titled ďBuried Clues (Fossils), Part 2".  Suggested links for additional information on fossils are included from two articles by Andrew Snelling of AIG, which provide a good overview of the fossil evidence:  https://answersingenesis.org/fossils/fossil-record/doesnt-order-of-fossils-in-rock-favor-long-ages/ and https://answersingenesis.org/fossils/fossil-record/order-in-the-fossil-record/.

Two additional articles by Brian Thomas of ICR focus on important scientific evidences of fossils, namely carbon 14 content and soft tissue.  Links are provided:   https://www.icr.org/article/young-radiocarbon-old-samples and https://www.icr.org/article/toast-model-explain-fossil-protein-persistence.  A video clip (from "Is Genesis History"), which does a great job of outlining the Biblical Creationist perspective on how the Global Flood described in Genesis 6 to 8 could result in the observed formation of fossils, can be watched on the YouTube channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mj9bR9BiqI&list=PLEVsU6O-XMpGHKna3DpTkYPkn5kZ0MVy5 The classic book on this subject from a creationist perspective is entitled "The Fossil Record" by John Morris and Frank Sherwin of ICR.  A copy can be ordered on the ICR website.

 In September, David Coppedge made a presentation titled "The Cassini Legacy at Saturn".  This described the Cassini Probeís mission to Saturn and its findings.  David demonstrated how these findings from this mission are consistent with a Young Universe perspective.  The suggested links for this presentation are from Davidís own website (Creation Evolution Headlines:   https://crev.info/).  His website also contains several articles on multiple subject areas of Biblical Creation and should be enjoyable to check out.  Direct links to two recent articles on Saturn on his website are provided:  https://crev.info/2018/01/official-saturns-rings-young/ and https://crev.info/2019/10/news-for-saturn-day/.


Last Minute Notice Ė and a Caution


I just became aware of a presentation taking place on Saturday, November 9 @ 6 PM (same day as our monthly meeting).  This presentation is by Michael Behe, who is a professor at Lehigh University and a well-known Intelligent Design advocate.  He is the author of the well-known book "Darwinís Black Box" among others.  Location of this presentation is on the UCCS campus - Upper Lodge (seating 180 max), 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway.


I want to express a strong word of caution to those who may wish to attend this meeting.  While Dr. Behe is opposed to Darwinian evolution, he is a proponent of old earth views typical of conventional time frames taught in secular science (billions of years).  He is an associate of the Discovery Institute (DI) which is an old earth, creationist organization.  This old age view held by DI is opposed to our beliefs at PPCF.  With this caution in mind, some may find his thoughts opposing Darwinian evolution to be beneficial.


In Closing

     We hope that this update will help encourage you in your understanding of Biblical Creation.  Check back again in December for the December update.

     Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman
     [email protected]

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