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PPCF The Who & the What, the How & the Why (& the Where) of our Vision & our Mission – Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman


Part 2:  Our Mission

The How & Why of PPCF’s Role as a Biblical Creation Ministry Seeking to fill a void by teaching Origins’ Truth?

     To carry out our Vision at PPCF we have developed a three-part Mission strategy, which is outlined below.  Each part of our Mission demonstrates an increasing level of outreach, while primarily focusing on the Pikes Peak region, where God has placed us.  We believe that these three-parts will provide us with a long-term path for this ministry. Thus, it is incumbent that we become and remain intentional in our approach and to continually reach out to those around us while we share the Truth of God’s Word as it relates to Biblical Creation (BC).

     We consider each level of this Mission to be equally important to where each part would continually build upon the other two.  This will occur as our knowledge and understanding of BC helps to grow our creation fellowship at PPCF in order to build a recognized path to both discipleship and evangelism.  We believe this cycle should continue to repeat and to expand into an ever-widening arch within the Pikes Peak Region.  We trust that the above sequence represents the best means of accomplishing both our Vision and Mission.  Our Mission statement follows. Our focus within this current article is on Steps #1 & 2.

PPCF Mission

     1.  Education – regular monthly meetings focusing on Biblical Creation Apologetics.

     2.  Personal Discipleship Growth – where each person who is a part of this fellowship seeks to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom to individually implement their personal calling to ministry in the area of Biblical Creation Apologetics.

     3.  Intentional Outreach (in article #3) – each person would seek to utilize their growth in discipleship, which we each experience, to in turn share this understanding with others outside of this immediate fellowship (one’s home church, various groups and individual contacts).

Where are we as we accomplish our Mission at PPCF – Mission:  Part 1, in Education?


     Since our founding in December of 2018, our initial plan and our continuing priority as a fellowship of believers has been to provide a regular, monthly meeting time to gather as a ministry.  This meeting time is designed to provide both learning and fellowship as we experience thoughtful teaching on each selected subject of BC.  The nature of our teaching is generally similar to many other groups, which I have previously mentioned in article 1.  However, we also wanted to incorporate one additional aspect of emphasis as part of our meetings.


     We have designed these meetings each month with an emphasis of having them to be truly "educational" in intent.  Each subject presented in a meeting will have importance by itself and will often provide the latest discoveries in one of the many science disciplines to be highlighted.  However, any knowledge heard and then forgotten will not result in any lasting impact in the area of discipleship pertaining to BC.


     Thus, we do not just want to provide information on each specific subject, but we desire that these educational sessions become only a starting point of discipleship in the subject matter discussed.  The major goal of each meeting is to set-the-stage to help build a base of understanding of BC truth within those who attend, followed by their personal desire to know more.


     Our further purpose is to encourage those attending to make use of the many available resources, which are currently available within the ministry outreach of well-known and national BC sources.  These were highlighted in article 1.  The resources they provide can be used by each person to further self-educate themselves.  Therefore, a key hope is that through the various internal and external speakers whom we host, those present at our meetings and our members would purposely follow up each presentation by pursuing additional study on their own (see link to resources).


How & Why are we to accomplish our Mission at PPCF – Mission:  Part 2, in Personal Discipleship Growth?


     I have already begun to mention this concept of personal discipleship in the previous paragraphs of Part 1 on the Education aspect of our Mission.  However, I want to expand on this further by directing our focus onto the Why part of this aspect by highlighting the importance of understanding more about Biblical Creation as it relates to exercising Personal Discipleship Growth.


     Whatever one’s focus in ministry involvement and service, the importance of personal discipleship must be an ongoing part of one’s faith walk.  In turn, this personal discipleship needs to be beneficial, not just to us individually, but also to those God places in our path.  From this basis, we recognize a process which makes it necessary for us to continue to mature and grow as a believer in Christ.


     To know more and to love our God more, we need to spend time in pursuing various disciplines and aspects within our Christian life experience by which God can directly lead us.  As we continue to know Him, we also identify that Christ is much more than our Savior and Lord, but this also includes Christ as our Creator and the need to share this.


     Thus, as we mature as a believer and as a disciple, one clear goal is to become an ambassador for Christ and to share the Good News of the Gospel.  God desires that we must all seek to reach others with this same Truth.  This same expectation, I would hope, should also become a part of our effort at PPCF to share key teachings and concepts of BC with others whom we encounter, believers or not.


     A key need in all areas of Christian ministry is to make disciples and to become disciple makers.  This is equally true of becoming disciple makers in the area of BC.  The question then becomes, what will my role be?  What does God have for me in this area of Christian ministry?  In article #3 of this series, I will go on to describe possible ways to pursue this outreach to share BC truths in the place God has us and with the people we encounter.

     The other two articles in this series focus on the Vision of PPCF1 and the Mission goal of Intentional Outreach.  To inquire more about the Vision & Mission of PPCF, or if you have questions about PPCF, please contact the author.

     Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman

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