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PPCF Ė The Who & the What, the How & the Why (& the Where) of our Vision & our Mission Ė Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman


Part 1:  Our Vision


     As I complete the writing of this article and the next two in this series, which describe Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship's (PPCF) Vision and Mission, I have just given a presentation on fossils at our October (2019) monthly educational meeting for PPCF.  As I reflect back on that meeting, I believe that what occurred there was a clear expression of the Who, What, How and Why we at PPCF exist as a ministry.  My thoughts, which follow, are intended to outline what it is we at PPCF are doing to fulfill our Vision & Mission, how we do it and most importantly why we do it.

     My hope is that you, as either a regular viewer of this website or as a first-time visitor, will sense our commitment at PPCF to share the message of Biblical Creation (BC).  But beyond this, my hope is that you would consider the challenge to personally step out and be involved by serving in this ministry area as God draws and leads you to do so.  Thus, as I outline our ministry goals below (our Vision and Mission) and in the following two articles, I would submit that we each seek to know what God has for us in this ministry area.

The Importance of Biblical Creationist (BC) Teaching

     Colorado has seen in recent years an upsurge in both the formation and the growth of BC ministries.  For many years the primary ministries in Colorado have been Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship in the Denver area (Littleton & the associated RSR radio program) plus Alpha Omega Institute in Grand Junction.  Both of these ministries have been faithfully active for 20+ years in BC ministry.

     However, since 2016, three new groups have formed and are active in BC teaching:  the Denver Society of Creation (2016), also in the Littleton area, the Northeast Colorado Creation Group (2018) in the Ft. Morgan area and this ministry and the Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship (2018) in Colorado Springs.  We have also been blessed by the recent presence of a newer national ministry:  Biblical Science Institute, founded in 2017 by Jason Lisle, whose home is also located in Colorado Springs (see our Links page on this site for all these mentioned ministries).

     While there have likely been other previous movements for this intention in Colorado, many of these may have been for a one-time purpose or of short-term duration or done locally and at selected times within individual churches.  Thus, this recent formation and development of BC-based, regional ministries is a new attempt to bring these biblical truths to multiple locations in Colorado and especially within the front range region.  One can look to the national growth and expansion of ministries like Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research and Creation Ministries International (plus other state & regional groups) as key sources and resources, which have helped to fuel this resurgence (again, see our Links page on this site).

     From the introductory comments above, the following outline brings us to the reason(s) and purpose for PPCF.  My hope is to convey our conviction and calling by which the leadership of PPCF has sensed Godís direction, as we reach out with this effort.  I also will describe the means of how we will seek to reach out to the Pikes Peak region (our Jerusalem and Samaria) in the following two articles.


Who & What are we (i.e. PPCF as a BC teaching ministry)?

     Any organization, by simply existing, needs to determine and define Who they are and What they desire to accomplish.  This intentional act provides the foundational basis to know and implement the key aspects of its identity and its reason for existing.  This is especially true of any Christian ministry, which seeks to undertake their God-given calling and role, so as to fulfill that assignment by helping to build His kingdom.

     Our primary outreach at PPCF is focused on the Pikes Peak region.  Our specific intent is to be used by God to help support the mission of the local churches located in this region.  Thus, and of first importance, all Christian ministries must share the Good News of Christ.  But while doing this, their uniqueness as a ministry must also shine through.  Each ministry must utilize their passion in sharing their faith in Christ.  This calling to ministry must originate with God, and by which both its direction and passion have been instilled within those doing the ministry through the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

     For PPCF this passion is to provide Creation-based, Apologetical teaching on key topics of science and theology related to Biblical Truth.  We specifically do this while focusing on the factual truth of Scripture as recorded in Genesis 1 to 11.  Our ultimate desire is to demonstrate the truth of this Scripture and to refute the conventional teaching of secular-based origin science being taught within the public classroom.  When this classroom teaching is focused on origin-based subjects, our role at PPCF is to counter this teaching by seeking a proper understanding of the subject and evidence, an understanding consistent with the Biblical Truths recorded in Godís Word.

     Thus, we seek to challenge and persuade those who may for the most part lack the necessary knowledge and clear understanding of this Scriptural foundation provided in Genesis 1 to 11.  By doing this, we intend to be a conduit where we can present a creationist perspective of the scientific issues being discussed.  By countering this naturalistic teaching and by utilizing an understanding of the scientific evidence based on Scripture, we seek to impart a different perspective and understanding of the evidence.  We truly believe that this approach will provide a much more consistent and more reasonable explanation of this evidence, related to discussions within the originís debate.


The Foundation of PPCF Ė The Word of God is our basis, with a focus in Genesis 1 to 11

     PPCF is a BC ministry, which is fundamentally based on the foundational belief that Godís Word is fully inspired, authoritative and truthful in all that it contains.  However, this understanding is not limited to only the stated doctrinal truths of our faith -- which provide the basis for understanding the means of salvation and the offer of eternal life.  But what is of equal importance is the premise that the entire content found in the words of Scripture is affirmed as containing factual truth.  From this perspective of Godís Word, we would then firmly hold to the view that all Scripture content recorded in Genesis 1-11 contains a fully accurate account of history.  Thus, each event, each person, each location and the timing provided for each recorded account contains accurate and truthful statements of fact.

     For us to complete this vision for PPCF, we need to carefully examine and consider the content of Godís Words and then apply this knowledge to the concepts and understanding that would exist within this important area of apologetics (1 Peter 3:15) Ė i.e. Biblical Creation.  Each concept and every thought must be intentionally evaluated by the words and truth of Scripture.  By proceeding in this way, we seek to best assure that all teaching plus any outreach initiated by this ministry will intentionally provide the most correct biblical understanding intended by God in His Word.

Our Vision Statement

     Incorporating the above thoughts, the Who and What of our ministry at PPCF is summarized within our Vision statement below.  By including the words ĎBiblical Creationí, we are stating the basic premise of Who we are as a ministry within a larger Christian context.  By including the encompassing phrase of "sharing the (historical) truth of Biblical Creation from Godís Word", we are affirming our intent as to What we intend to do so as to carry out this calling.  Let me end article 1 with our Vision statement.

PPCF Vision

ďTo share the truth of Biblical Creation and other key related events of history,

 as recorded in Godís Word, to the Greater Pikes Peak Region.Ē

     The following two articles in this series will focus on the complete Mission of PPCF1.  To inquire more about the Vision & Mission of PPCF, or if you have questions about PPCF, please contact the author.

     Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman

     [email protected]


1 The second and third articles in this series will further expand on this subject by providing the implementation of our Vision.  These are titled:

Our Vision and Mission as a Biblical Creationist Ministry:  Part 2  (2nd Article)
Our Vision and Mission as a Biblical Creationist Ministry:  Part 3  (3rd Article)


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