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June 2020 Update for PPCF Current Educational Opportunities for June and July


     This update provides Biblical Creation meeting information happening in the Front Range of Colorado.


Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship (PPCF)


     PPCF, like other local and regional groups which focus on teaching Biblical Creation, has cancelled our regular meeting times since COVID-19 has resulted in shutdown of normal activities for the past two plus months.  We, like others, have not met since March.  Things are now changing and we wanted to announce our expected plans for June.


On-Site Meeting for June


     The PPCF monthly meeting for June is scheduled for Saturday, June 13th at 1 PM.  This meeting is at our Faith EFC location.  Mr. Rich Cloud will be speaking on the subject of “Ape and Human Fossils”.  This subject will examine basic aspects of this science (Paleontology), including the concepts of:

     We hope you would consider joining on June 13th.


On-Line Meetings


     Recognizing a need to provide continuing instruction on Biblical Creation for our fellowship, we at PPCF began an on-line effort in May utilizing common meeting software (Zoom).  These meetings are accessible via an emailed link for meeting attendance, either by computer or another electronic device.  We have currently had two meetings in May utilizing on-line PowerPoint presentations.  The two prior subjects discussed were:

  1. When is a Miracle a Miracle? – Examining this truth of a miraculous God in His creation;

  2. How did Moses Write (or May Have Written) the Book of Genesis – Examining the false views from secular scholarship and then considering the process of how Moses could have utilized the concept of Toledoths (11) found in the book of Genesis as a basis for its writing.

     The response to these meetings has been modest (~14 to 20), but with good response by those attending.  The current plan is to add these online sessions as an ongoing, regular option for education in the area of Biblical Creation.  With our current on-site meetings scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of the month, these on-line meetings will be planned for the 4th Saturday, currently the same time of 1 PM.  If you are now in our PPCF database, you will receive notice of these meetings and the information needed to participate.  If you are not currently in our PPCF database, you will need to register to participate using our on-line form on the this website or send a message via email to request your addition to the database (ppcfministry@gmail.com).  These meetings are open only to our current PPCF database members.  We will seek to do these meetings each month as presentations are developed.


Small Group Gathering in Creation Apologetic Studies

     PPCF is seeking to begin some small group studies in Biblical Creation, as either home groups or as small groups common to many churches and their ongoing ministries.  These groups would follow an educational study format of alternating short presentation/discussion sessions on various selected topics.  The principle concept would be to provide a basic understanding of both creation theology and origins science related to the subject of Biblical Creation.  This type of structure would be ideal for those new to this subject and who would desire answers to questions about it.  The likely class sizes for this format would be a minimum of 4 to a maximum of ~12.

     Currently, one such group is planning to meet in Woodland Park beginning in June.  This had originally been planned for April but was delayed because of COVID-19.  If you would like to consider hosting a similar group in your home or at your church, please contact us at ppcfministry@gmail.com.  Having this type of class would generally function by invitation via the host (home or church).  You can determine the frequency along with date and time with input from the presenter.  The suggested interval is one or two times per month.  The typical class length will be ~1 ½ to 2 hours, but this is adaptable.  Current presenter will be Rich Cloud, chair of PPCF and director of Creation Sage Ministry.  All topics will only be presented from a Biblical Creation foundation, but with discussion times open to other viewpoints.  Opportunities for this will be limited.  If you are interested, please reply to the email above.

Other Front Range Groups

     Currently there are no scheduled meetings in June at any of the other three Creation groups in the Front Range.  We suggest checking their websites for any updates:

Regional & National Groups


     I recently checked the individual websites for multiple Creation ministries and found that nothing is planned for June.  Several of these ministries are providing similar on-line meetings as we at PPCF have done via Zoom/Facebook with these on a semi-regular basis.  I would suggest going to these websites and checking into this if you are interested in participating.  We have provided links to several of these individual ministries on our PPCF website.


Churches & Local Groups Teaching Biblical Creation


     If you know of a church that may be offering Biblical Creation teaching, please forward this information to the contact link below.  Please provide the presenter’s name, church & address, date(s), meeting time and some details as to what will be discussed.  Please note that we will only provide information in this update on those educational opportunities that hold to a “young-earth, Biblical Creation” perspective.


     Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman



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