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The Believer's Response to the World – Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman



     The headline news we hear continues to express a worsening message with the most recent report from President Trump with the extended mandate for “social distancing”.  Both our nation and the world have sought to restrict and to governmentally dictate national lockdowns worldwide to control the spread of the coronavirus.  For the sake of everyone, this does seem to be the most reasonable course of action in the current environment.


     And yet how can we as believer’s respond to a world that needs the message of the Gospel at this critical time?  There have been many calls within the Christian community to reach out to others in unique ways so as to remain active in sharing our faith.  For a world that remains uncertain about the present, Christian believers need to find ways to share the true and certain eternal hope we hold in the finished work of Christ.  It is essential that we seek ways to respond to needs which we encounter and which we are able to meet.


     We must continue to pray faithfully and continually for those suffering from this virus and those working on the front lines in this battle.  I mentioned several of these in a previous email.  One of our members mentioned to me about two overlooked areas of concern and which we need to lift in prayer.  The first is for our ongoing utility structure needs and for those providing this service to us.  We need to lift those in prayer who maintain these facilities and their operation, which we often take for granted.  The second is for those who work in the service industries, warehouses and for those who drive the trucks and vehicles so as to deliver those same goods to us along with those who then stock those goods locally for us.  We are truly grateful for their gift of service at this difficult time.  Let us be intentional in praying for them.


     Joining in Prayer with RMCF – The leadership of RMCF, a Creation fellowship in Denver, has asked us at PPCF to join with them next Monday (April 6) for a focused time of prayer and fasting.  They have suggested that we do this from 1 AM Monday to 1 AM Tuesday.  My suggestion is that we individually set aside maybe two 30-minute periods of concerted prayer within this time frame.  While fasting for some may be difficult from a health standpoint, I would suggest that you might fast for one meal and maybe set your prayer times around this time of fasting.  May we all seek to be involved in this opportunity of prayer to lift our nation and world during these difficult times (2 Chronicles 7:14-15).


     I want to finish with two thoughts:  One related to the gift and blessing provided by full time, Biblical Creation ministries and the second involving your own learning and study in this area.


     I hope what I have shared has been encouraging and has challenged you to be more proactive in your faith.  I plan on sending a second email later this week which will focus on encouraging us as families, and as believers to pursue continued fellowship (likely by video for now) within the body of Christ along with the need to encourage and stir up one another (Hebrews 10:24) as we worship the ONLY True God and Creator of all.

     Rich Cloud

     Hebrews 10:23

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