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From the Desk of Rich Cloud, PPCF Chairman – "Welcome" (9/1/2019)


     Welcome to PPCF’s Website launch on September 1, 2019.  It has been nearly a full year since we were founded.  As is mentioned elsewhere on this website, we formed following a daylong seminar on Biblical Creation at Mesa Hills Bible Church in September 2018.  Then after some initial planning, we held our first education meeting in December of that year.


     While this seminar provided the impetus to begin this ministry, the determination to plan and execute such an endeavor required significant effort to make it happen.  In effect, it required several individuals to come together of this purpose and to take on specific roles to fulfill this vision for us to succeed as an ongoing ministry.  Briefly the names of your leadership team – Pete B., Rich C., Chris C., Bill D., James G., with Don H. and Al B. joining more recently.  All have been and remain faithful in the role God has for them.  Be sure, as the opportunity occurs, to thank each one for their ministry at PPCF.


     For the leadership committee of PPCF, this ministry has been a combination of calling, conviction and passion as we have nurtured this ministry for these 12 months to the present.  We have seen a few changes over these intervening months as we went from teaching, which was done solely by members of the leadership team, to now utilizing some outside speakers to supplement our ongoing monthly educational meetings.


     As we have continued to grow, we now have our meetings at two locations, but still once a month.  Our original location is Mesa Hills Bible Church, 605 W. Uintah, CS (Pastor – Tim Dane). Our second location, which we used for the first time in August 2019, is Faith Evangelical Free Church, 6065 Oakwood Blvd., CS (Pastor – Gordon Wood).  Our future meeting plan is to move to a schedule where we can alternate these sites on a monthly basis.


     To remain up-to-date, we ask that you regularly check out this website for our current meeting schedule, topic and location.  Also, you can receive monthly email updates by providing your email contact information to us (on this website at Contact PPCF).  As of September 1st, we have over 100 names on our email database and who receive these updates.


     Our intent for this website is to remain active with new information regularly added as part of our ministry’s ongoing outreach on the subject of Biblical Creation.  Help us to remain strong by supporting our education meetings and if you would like, reply to this website with thoughts and questions you may have either about our ministry or a specific subject within the area of Biblical Creation.


     A concluding thought -- As the chair of the leadership team, I plan to include a regular message on this website to our group.  My hope is to provide either a personal reflection about PPCF or to address an informative concept on Biblical Creation.


     Thanks for checking us out.


     Rich Cloud


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