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9 October 2021 Mr. Don Gilbreath Without Excuse This presentation will highlight basic Biblical and scientific reasons why Christians should NOT accept the concept of evolution as valid. Video FEFC
11 September 2021 Mr. Rich Cloud Acknowledging Design by God in Life & Nature, Part 2 This topic will focus on the concepts of mutualism and symbiosis present throughout the engineering design of God’s Creation along with multiple ways by which life and nature interact and live. Video MHBC
14 August 2021 Mr. Rich Cloud Acknowledging Design by God in Life & Nature Examining the way God has engineered and planned the inter-related functionality of life and nature. Video FEFC
10 July 2021 Mr. Michael Weeks The Cambrian Explosion Why do many fossils suddenly appear in Cambrian strata without any ancestors preceding them? Video MHBC
12 June 2021 Mr. Michael Bittner Mutations This presentation will examine one of the basic drivers of evolution which, if not valid, falsifies the theory. Video FEFC
15 May 2021 Mr. Bruce Malone Blind to the Obvious The very laws of science are designed so we will know we have a Creator.  So how can so many people be blind to the obvious? Video MHBC
10 April 2021 Mr. Terry Mondy Six Questions to Ask an Evolutionist This presentation will give participants interesting information to use when talking with others about the creation/evolution issue as well as how we should discuss controversial issues with both believers and unbelievers. Video FEFC
20 March 2021 Mr. Rich Cloud Examining the Factual Truth of a Post-Flood, Biblical Ice Age This overview of the Biblical ice age will examine its importance to the question of origins. Video MHBC
13 February 2021 Dr. Barbara Helmkamp Radiohalos How the existence of radiohalos provides proof of a recent creation. Video

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9 January 2021 Mr. Rich Cloud Old Earth Views About Creation An overview of the numerous and variable Old Earth Views about Creation proposed and commonly held by many Christians as compared to the Biblical Creation View. Video MHBC
12 December 2020 N/A N/A (There was no meeting scheduled for December 2020.) N/A N/A
14 November 2020 Pastor Tim Dane Mechanics & Limitations of Radioisotope Dating Methods A basic understanding of dating radioisotope methods have revealed severe limitations that render them effectively worthless in proving the old earth view. Video

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10 October 2020 Pastor Gordon Wood Putting Some Context and Consistency to the Days of Creation This message will focus on the key verses from Exodus 20:9-11 and Exodus 31:15 and 17. Video
(w/ both speakers)

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Mr. Don Hartlaub Some Arguments NOT to Use in Support of the YEC Model A discussion of several arguments that people use in support of the YEC model that are either false, not sufficiently documented, or based on old or outdated information. PowerPoint Slides
12 September 2020 Ms. Judy Finnessy The Cost of Denying Creation The importance of providing Biblical Creation teaching in the local Church. Video MHBC
8 August 2020 Mr. Rich Cloud
Mr. Michael Bittner
Mr. Don Hartlaub
Q & A Session The PPCF leadership staff responds to your questions about Creation/Evolution topics. Video

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11 July 2020 Mr. Michael Bittner Soft Tissue in Dinosaurs This presentation takes a look at some of the claimed unfossilized dinosaur tissue discoveries, whether or not they are real or something else, decomposition rates, preservation, and some of the theological, scientific, and social implications in and out of Christendom. Video

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27 June 2020 Mr. Rich Cloud Basics of the Biblical Creationist Perspective The importance of seeking Truth when evaluating both God’s Word & the role of science as a foundational basis for this topic.  Also, an examination of the concepts of evidence, presuppositions, perspective and bias. PowerPoint Slides Zoom
13 June 2020 Mr. Rich Cloud Ape and Human Fossils This presentation discusses several aspects of the fossil evidence for human and ape fossils – the concept of missing links plus the comparison of morphology differences found along with the related science of genetics; the sediment sourcing of human and ape fossils in relationship to the idea of “cave men”; and finally the impact of false teaching related to the evolutionary development from apes to man and the detriment that this can have for one’s Christian Faith. Video FEFC
30 May 2020 Mr. Rich Cloud How Moses Wrote the Book of Genesis 1.  Some of the teaching which critics have used to challenge and question Moses’ authorship of Genesis.
2.  A description of the means/method by which Moses could have written Genesis (toledoth-tablet process).
3.  How to respond to additional challenges as to how we can understand the relationship of Genesis 1 and 2.
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3

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9 May 2020 Mr. Rich Cloud When Is a Miracle a Miracle? (Zoom meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions.) Video

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18 April 2020 Mr. Rich Cloud Human and Ape Fossils This presentation will show how the unique creation of mankind is fully consistent with the available fossil evidence originating from Post-Flood events.  This will also demonstrate the incorrect teaching on human origins proposed within the secular view of ape-to-human evolution.   Cancelled due to COVID-19
14 March 2020 Dr. James Kraft The Importance of Time We will examine both the nature and design of time plus the importance of correctly understanding time within the Biblical timeline and its application to the Gospel message. Video MHBC
8 February 2020 Ms. Judy Finnessy The Cost of Denying Creation The importance of providing Biblical Creation teaching in the local Church.   Postponed due to snow
11 January 2020 Mr. Bruce Malone How to Fold a Rock An explanation in easy to understand, non-technical terms the mechanisms which formed the rock layers during the flood and how we can know that there is no "missing time" between the layers. Video MHBC
14 December 2019 Mr. Don Hartlaub Abiogenesis:  Possible or Impossible?  How to make a cell out of nothing in spite of the mathematical improbabilities. PowerPoint Slides FEFC
9 November 2019 Mr. Fred Williams Information Theory and the Demise of Darwinism This presentation will walk you through the different ideas of what information is, and how its presence in the biological world is an insurmountable hurdle for evolution to overcome.   MHBC
12 October 2019 Mr. Rich Cloud Buried Clues (Fossils), Part 2 Highlighting key points of understanding about fossils and how they support a Young Earth Creation.   FEFC
14 September 2019 Mr. David Coppedge The Cassini Legacy at Saturn This image-rich program will share some of the major discoveries at the Saturn system, including the planet itself, its rings, moons, magnetic field, and the giant moon Titan.   FEFC
10 August 2019 Mr. Rich Cloud Buried Clues (Fossils), Part 1 Highlighting key points of understanding about fossils and how they support a Young Earth Creation.   FEFC
13 July 2019 Dr. Jason Lisle Astronomy Reveals Creation     MHBC
8 June 2019 Mr. Don Hartlaub The Biblical Age of the Earth Establishing the age of the earth based on the historical accounts of Genesis 1-11. Quiz
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11 May 2019 Mr. Bill Davis The "Supposed" Scientific Age of the Earth Is dating a rock an easy thing to do if you are married?
Carbon 14 is our friend!
13 April 2019 Mr. Rich Cloud What Is Life?  (Part 2) The key factors for the proposed process of evolving life versus two separately proposed views for design and function within the creation for life.   MHBC
9 March 2019 Mr. Rich Cloud What Is Life?  (Part 1) A detailed examination for the origin & function of life, while examining and comparing the Biblical Creation and evolutionary viewpoints.   MHBC
9 February 2019 Mr. Rich Cloud Chaos vs. Cosmos The big picture evolutionary and Biblical Creation views about the origin of universe, including key Scriptures on this subject and the role of God in creation.   MHBC
12 January 2019 Mr. Rich Cloud Dinosaurs! The evolutionary and Biblical views about dinosaurs.   MHBC
8 December 2018 Mr. Rich Cloud Biblical Creation Overview & Our Ministry Role at PPCF The foundation for PPCF:  Key concepts for Biblical Creation.   MHBC

Note:  All meetings started at 1 PM unless otherwise indicated.

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